• Types Services Things you can get Fees
    Accounting Service Package (ASP) Voucher
    Computerized Book-keeping
    Bank Book
    Cash Book 
    Accounts Receivable Report 
    Accounts Payable Report
    General Ledger
    Trial Balance
    Statement of Comprehensive Income
    Statement of Financial Position 
    Monthly fee
    HK$500 up
    Detailed Financial Analysis Report Financial Analysis Relevant Report  HK$500 up per Report
    Clearing Accounting Backlogs Same as ASP Same as ASP HK$3,000 up per year
  • Types Services Things you can get Fees
    Tax Planning Package(TPP) Tax Representative
    Tax Return
    Tax Calculation
    Tailor-made Tax Planning Advice
    Tailor-made Tax Advice 
    Completed Tax Return
    Tax Computation Report
    Relieved Tax Burden
    HK$800 up per statement
    Tax Return (Partnership) Same as TPP Same as TPP HK$800 up per statement
    Tax Return (Individual & Sole proprietorship) Same as TPP Same as TPP HK$800 up per statement
    Tax Return (Individual) Same as TPP Same as TPP  HK$300 up per statement
    Property Tax Return Same as TPP Same as TPP HK$300 up per statement
    Employer's Return Same as TPP Same as TPP HK$800 up per statement
    Objection and Appeal of Assessments --- Relieved Tax Burden  HK$600 up per Case
    Extension of Submission --- --- HK$250 up per Case
  • Types Services Things you can get Fees
    Company Secretarial Package(CSP) Company Search
    Preparation & Filing of 
    Annual Return
    Change of Company 
    Registered Address
    Preparation of Minutes
    Alteration of Director or Secretary
    Transfer of Share
    Change of Company Name
    Increase in Share Capital
    Allotment of Shares 
    Annual Return 
    duplicates Relevant 
    document duplicates
    Minutes for Annual 
    General Meeting (AGM)
    Annual Fee HK$1,200
    (up to the anniversary 
    of incorporation)
    Deregistration of Limited Company in Hong Kong Company Search
    Prepare documents for
    Deregistration and minutes
    Application for 
    Deregistration to IRD
    Free delivery of documents
    Relevant Report Service Fee HK$3,110 
    Deregistration Fee
    (Payable to Companies Registry)   HK$420
    Deregistration Fee 
    (Payable to Inland 
    Revenue Department) 
    HK$ 350
    Total  HK$3,880
    Register of significant controllers Keep register of important controllers
    Notice of register and company records
    Due diligence on individual customer identities
  • Types Services Things you can get Fees
    Formation of Limited Company Company Search
    Application of Certificate
    of Incorporation and 
    Business Registration Certificate 
    Provision of updated 
    information Preparation 
    of the first 
    General Meeting and 
    Certificate of incorporation
    Business Registration Certificate
    Twenty Memorandum 
    and Articles of 
    Association Shares
    Company Seal
    Signature Chop
    The first minutes of 
    General Meeting
    Document duplicates
    Documents of opening company 
    bank account